City Life Excerpt

From EMS1

Editor’s Note:

City Life, a collection of Michael Morse’s interactions with the people he encounters as an EMT, paints a vivid picture of life in a small city. These are stories of triumph, loss, tedium and hilarity. Inspiring and concise, the book provides insight into life at its most raw and powerful.

“Rescue 1 and Engine 13, respond to 328 Calla St. for an infant not breathing.”

Seconds seem like hours. Cars move like dinosaurs on the brink of extinction, sirens and lights ineffective. Gloves go on, mind racing, ghosts invade, I throw them out, the trucks move faster, picking up speed, three minutes pass. Before we stop I’m out the door, mother running, baby in her arms, blue. I take her; she’s stiff, burning with fever, rigid, then starts to seize.

Oxygen, assisted ventilations, family screaming, everybody tries to do something, I give out tasks, an IV, keep bagging, need a glucose test, find the history, learn Spanish quickly, I need to know what’s going on, get a temp, find out her weight, find a pulse, keep her safe, the seizing continues as if she were possessed…

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