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Top 10 for Rescuing Providence

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If somebody told me 25 years ago that my book, Rescuing Providence would be included in EMS Icon Kelly Grayson’s 10 Books Every Paramedic Should Own list I would have called 911 for a psych eval. Simply amazing what a ride this has been!  

Top 10 EMS Lies

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Ben Roffer/Flickr We begin our career in EMS not knowing what to expect. “Expect the unexpected,” those who came before us would say with a knowing grin. It doesn’t take long before the lies are separated from the daily reality. Here’s 10 of the things I thought I knew, that turned out to be not […]

Smoke on the Horizon

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Just about everybody in Rhode Island could see smoke rising from the City of Providence on Sunday Morning. Flames were visible on the roof of the 23 story Textron Building, and black smoke rose high above the 311 foot structure. It took three alarms, but the Providence Fire Department put the fire out without and […]

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