The Next Generation

Junior firefighterJust when the old goat thought his get up and go got up and went, a kid from New Jersey sends me an e-mail, said he read “The Books,” asked if I would be interested in helping him with his class project. He’s 15 years old and a junior firefighter for his town’s volunteer fire department, loves everything about it and thought I might be interested in helping him with his project..

I’ll help anybody I can who shows even an inkling of interest in firefighting and or EMS. We talked on the phone for twenty minutes or so, I answered his questions, he seemed kind of thrilled. Sent me an e-mail yesterday, turns out I’m the only author that bothered to respond to queries from his classmates.

Maybe that’s because I’m a firefighter/EMT first, and an author second.

Truth be told, It’s great being a positive influence in somebody’s plans, I hope Scott follows his dreams and pursues a career in the Fire/EMS service, he seems like just the kind of person we need.

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  • Steve creta says:

    That’s great Mike. We were one of those kids years ago. My goal got messed up due to illness. I was fortunate enough to be on the other side of the mic. You lived it. Help the kids become best they can.

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