The best thing about writing a book is you get to dedicate them to people you care about. I dedicated my first to my wife and kids. That sentence remains the best thing I’ve ever written, to me anyway.

Bind up

The second I dedicated to two college kids, one who died, the other who lived. Those four words remain the hardest ones yet. John fought and died, held onto my arm, looked into my eyes and has never looked away. For weeks I struggled with the decision to go back to the fire truck and get out of EMS, when Kelley came along and almost died I was done.


Until she lived.


John fell 80 feet onto pavement, he was conscious all the way to the operating room. Kelly came down with viral meningitis, should have died but held on, and her family invited me to her graduation.


Had she not made it these books would never have been written and I would never have made it the next 12 years as a Rescue Lieutenant then Captain in Providence.


Life goes on for some of us, and we get to follow our dreams. For the ones who don’t, the ones who do need to carry on.



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