Howdy, Partner

“...There is something sacred inside the cab of the world’s ambulances. The small space that we inhabit after the smoke has cleared, the battles for life won or lost, babies delivered, lives changed forever, and things we will never experience in the outside world. The ambulance cab holds more secrets than a church confessional. Never are emotions as raw, honesty so vivid, and life moments exposed, disseminated, cursed, and glorified as they are moments after the call — when the only two people on earth have cleaned the truck, processed the necessary paperwork, and left the hospital behind...”



  • Joseph Woodcock says:

    after nearly 40 years of sharing the cab with someone, you are so right, cos we bear our soul inside the cab, tell each other & share our innermost thoughts & private things. Because we spend 12 hrs or more each day in there with each other. Since I retired, I do not miss what I used to do, but I miss the people that I worked with & those I met on a daily basis. We are so lucky to be doing what we do, cos as they say, it.s not just a job, is it

  • Lesley K says:

    I absolutely love your writing style!!! Great reading…I am a fan!!

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