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The Providence Fire Department is Hiring


Firefighters on roof/active shooter inside

Firefighters on roof/active shooter inside

The Providence Fire Department is now accepting applications to our next training academy.

The Providence Fire Department is accepting applications for our next academy which may or may not commence sometime in the distant future. This notice is actually a desperate attempt by the administration to look pro-active while actively doing nothing. If you are interested in applying click the link and wait. Be patient, the people that should contact you are no longer there, as the Division of Training is no longer funded properly.

The Providence Fire Department’s recruitment strategy is to attract prospective applicants and high quality candidates that reflect the diverse population of the city that we serve. In other words, we will be hiring 43% Hispanic females, 22% Hispanic males, 10% African American males, 10 % African American females, a few Asians a couple of Caucasians and the rest intoxicated males.

The department is seeking firefighter candidates who possess the following qualities and attributes:

-Willingness to risk personal safety and life under direction of retired State Police members with no Fire Department experience

-Mechanical aptitude

-Ability to work long hours (56 hrs. wk. plus mandatory overtime) and forfeit any resemblance of family life for the good of the struggling city.


-Perfect health – sick leave will result in suspension

-a sense of public service and personal value system that is an exact replica of the Commissioner of Public Safety’s idea of what a Fire Department drone should be

-strong work ethic

-willingness to die an average of 10 years earlier than the rest of the population due to cancer and respiratory disease

Working Conditions

The pay used to be good, but is now well below average compared to similarly employed firefighters, medical health professionals and skilled laborers. The benefits are average. The working conditions include but are not limited to; unbearable heat, fire, bodily fluids, explosions, hazardous materials exposure, grief, ice covered roofs that need to be opened while the house below you is fully involved in flames, dead kids, dead and dying old people, disease, exposure and intoxicated people who need rides to detox.

Qualified applicants will be notified when the city gets around to it. There is currently no urgency, everything seems to be working out okay.

Apply Today!

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  • Casey Bellis says:

    The last time I applied I was not ready to leave my job, though I am more than ready for this opportunity now.

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