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Saving the street

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Dear Mayor, The fire department you are intent on destroying just saved Eaton Street. 40 mph winds make fast moving fire. Fast moving fire needs to be met by fast moving, skilled firefighters. They saved the street, and maybe the city. Again. Ps Don’t forget the 2 Bagger going now in the West End   […]

House Calls

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It’s three in the morning, and she is alone in bed, not the bed she shared with her husband for sixty-one years, no, not that bed; never again that bed for her, Now she rests in the hospital bed in the front room, the one that used to be the living room. A few weeks […]


Entry Img The greatest uniform in the world is the one you are wearing.

Modern medical technology is never wrong…

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Her water broke as she stepped into the rescue. She lay on the stretcher, “I think I’m having the baby.” “What is your due date?” “June 15th” I relaxed. Modern medical technology in never wrong about these things. If they say the due date is the 15th, the 15th it shall be. “Don’t worry, you’re […]

Rescuing Providence, free online

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Here’s the next segment of Rescuing Providence at GolocalProv, the 34 hour shift begins with an overdose, enjoy!

The Dying

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I used to think that my final moments would be spent worrying about the things I left unsaid, the people I hurt and the mountain of tasks I never completed. Or, I sometimes allowed myself the luxury of thinking that the life flashing if front of me as I took my final breath would be […]

Without Integrity

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Without integrity, we have nothing. Our word must be more valid than every contract ever written and signed. A handshake needs to be more binding than law, more important than words. Honor and decency are not words to be used as tools when needed, rather they must be the embodiment of something created by real […]

One Chapter at a Time

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I just read the prologue from my first book, Rescuing Providence. I haven’t thought about it in years. I had no idea when I wrote the book that the incident described would be the most difficult to process. Worse things happenned, but I learned to focus on the job, and leave the wondering to somebody […]

Two Great (so says me) Fire/EMS books

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My greatest contribution to the Fire/EMS world, beside the usual life saving, people caring, fire putting out stuff are my two books, Rescuing Providence and Rescue 1 Responding. Post Hill press has packaged the books together, and they are available everywhere, at least I like to believe so. Here I am at my local […]

Less crews answering fewer 911 calls

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  “While the nation’s EMS crews are running around town like idiots, caring for people who have no business calling 911, other people are dying, and that is a fact. It is absolutely absurd how we allow so much of the populace to squander our vital resources. One popular answer to the problem is add […]

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