Without Integrity

Without integrity, we have nothing. Our word must be more valid than every contract ever written and signed. A handshake needs to be more binding than law, more important than words. Honor and decency are not words to be used as tools when needed, rather they must be the embodiment of something created by real world tools, tools such as example, and nurturing, and discipline.

To live without honor is to live a lie. An existence void of decency is one of decay. Lies promote the decay of decency, and once decency is lost, it is easy to sink further into a world of manipulation, thievery and contempt.

Contempt is the final death knell. One can live for a very long time contemptuous of their lives, and the people in it. A person cannot treat others with contempt without that contempt seeping into their own soul, and rotting it from within.

I used to think we lived in a world of integrity, honor and decency. I still do. Now, however, I need to search long and hard to find that world, and avoid the other one; the one full of lies, manipulation and contempt.

It isn’t always easy telling the truth. People do not want to see through what they believe to be reality. It is possible to look boldly at a blatant lie, and never see it. We do it all the time.

And the walls came down…




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