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The Answer

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The public expects EMS to respond to their emergencies in a timely manner, be well trained, well equipped and competent. EMS is also expected to provide transport to emergency rooms for persons who choose to call 911 for routine medical emergencies. EMS has the capability to provide inter-facility transportation, and does so in a timely […]

It’s Okay

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It’s okay not to feel. It’s okay to lose patients, clean up the truck and lose some more. It’s okay to be present at the end, and say the right things to grieving family, then stop for lunch. It’s okay to act a little, and wear the somber expression. We do it for the survivors. […]

Full Tilt

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It’s crazy, but every now and then I have to remind myself just how good I have it. You would think that being a firefighter on one of the best departments anywhere would remind me of that every time I went to work or, now that I’m retired, remember going to work, but it doesn’t. […]

The Right People

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Somebody you love tells you they took “all the pills.” They say they are tired of living, tired of struggling, tired of being tired. You look around the house and find empty pill bottles where full ones used to be. The person you love is getting sleepy, fading away right before your eyes. You’re alone, […]

Firing Captains

Entry Img The City of Providence just fired Captain Dennis Tucker, a 27 year veteran firefighter and officer. Insubordination says the city, as Captain Tucker refused to discipline his men for using contractually bargained for sick time, and sent an e-mail to headquarters defending his position after leaving work due to hypertension as documented by his […]

Small World

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I ran into Ashley at the grocery store, I hadn’t seen her in a while, she seemed okay, but as our conversation progressed it became clear that something was wrong. Turns out a good friend of hers and an acquaintance of mine  overdosed on heroin earlier in the week, and her, less than a year […]

Rescuing Providence in the news

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Starting Next Week: GoLocalProv Starts Publishing “Rescuing Providence” By Michael Morse       Monday, March 07, 2016 GoLocalProv News Team Starting next Monday, March 14 GoLocal begins pubishing weekly the chapter’s of Rhode Islander Michael Morse’s books that chronicles the challenges and frustrations about being being a first reponder. The […]

Is it Time to Arm Firefighters and EMS

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From my article at Uniform Stories… 7 Reasons Why NOT to Arm EMS   1) EMS is hard enough. Carrying a firearm (and maintaining proper training) while on duty will only make it harder. 2) The public we serve needs to know we are neutral. Arming even one EMS provider ruins that status and puts […]

Community Paramedicine for Dinosaurs

Entry Img   Brandon at EMS Basics asked some bloggers to consider the other side of a topic that they have strong feelings about, one way or the other, and reconsider. Here’s my reconsideration of Community Paramedicine; funny thing is, I actually like this new opinion better that the one I had before considering an alternative. […]

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