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Be Excellent!

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10 Simple Steps to EMS Success 1. Learn An incompetent EMT is a useless EMT. Know the basics. Practice. Read. Get better. Every patient deserves competent care. Provide it. 2. Teach People watch. Everything we do is scrutinized. If they must watch, give them something of value to watch . You are setting an example […]

The Canteen

Entry Img The Providence Canteen has been there since I started my career in 1991, and long before that. Here’s one of many great memories thanks to them. “Baxter Street Command to Rescue 1.” “Rescue 1, go ahead.” “I need a count.” “One adult, five children in Rescue 1, six adults and five more kids outside.” […]

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy it!

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Remember to toast those that have preserved our freedom this Memorial Day Weekend. The Greatest Generation, the generations that preceded them and just as important, our generation. Seems like we have been at war, declared or otherwise since September 11, 2001. When one American soldier dies fighting this war, to that soldier and those close […]

An ocean of narcan will never replace…

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kindness   By Michael Morse Most of the addicts that I spend time with became addicted because they did not like the way they felt. At some point in their lives they found escape: pain medication, a connection to a heroin dealer, a stolen sip of whisky from Mom and Dad’s stash or any number […]


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I know about addiction. I know how it feels, how it makes everything unimportant, except for whatever it is you are addicted to. I know how it feels to be looked down upon, ostracized feared and hated. I know how it feels to hate yourself and how it feels to have lost control. But I […]

GoLocalProv presents Rescuing Providence

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Here’s the next part of my book, Rescuing Providence being presented by You can start from the beginning by following the links on their page, or you can purchase a copy of the book at your local bookseller, or online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, Target and many other retailers. Hope you enjoy […]

Ambulance Man!

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            We were led to a small bedroom where a little boy and his nightlight waited. The kid looked me in the eye, gathered up his courage and asked, “Are you real?” You bet I’m real. I’m as real as they come, especially when I’m at the side of a […]

Look Busy

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I’ve been writing the Engine Co. EMS column at Fire Engineering for a while now, this month I discuss the public’s perception of us at emergency scenes and how to look our best. Unfortunately, these days how you look is nearly as important as how you act. from the article; …WJAR Channel 10, Providence, included […]

EMS Week, Called to Care

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I was going to write something new for EMS Week, “Called to Care” but came across this. I would just be repeating myself if Itried to re-write how I feel, this about sums it up. Have a safe EMS Week everybody! I am a fireman. My kids know it, and their children will know it, […]

The firefighting family

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If firefighting is so dangerous, so stressful and so hard, then why is firefighting a family affair? Why on earth would a parent subject their sons or daughters to the same punishment that they have endured? Putting our children in the path of danger goes against every instinct we have. Subjecting them to hardship is […]

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