Supreme Court orders city to reconsider firefighters disability pension

I’ve been battling The City of Providence for years, finally, the Supreme Court of Rhode Island reached a decision. The question was simple, did the Providence Retirement Board act properly in denying a disability pension to me because one out of six doctors opined that I was actually not injured as a result of my job performance.

Never in a million years did I think that I would be humiliated, accused of being a liar, beaten down and stomped on by the people who represent the people I served for nearly 25 years.

Never did I stop to think about my own well-being while responding to 911 calls in Providence. I did what I was paid to do until my body and mind was too broken to continue.

When my doctor told me it was time to let it go in 2009 I got a second opinion and did four more years, limping most of that time. Then the city used the second opinion against me.

I won’t be the first firefighter/EMT to work hurt and I won’t be the last. At least through my actions and with the power of a Supreme Court decision behind them future Providence, RI firefighters and EMT’s who get injured as a result of their job won’t have to endure the indignities that I did.

It’s not over yet, public opinion never goes the way of the disabled firefighter.

Thanks for sticking around.


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