Fire Department in Ruins

The Providence Fire Department  has been systematically destroyed since the day I started in 1991. A succession of mayoral administrations have nickel and dimed the members, raided our pension system to fund the general fund that has been depleted with raises for city hall employees and various programs. Our fire stations are rat infested, dilapidated  dumps without adequate fire  protection, our apparatus  is ancient and often out of service, just this weekend both Tower Ladder 1 and Tower Ladder 2 were not functioning, with Ladder 6 operating with a retired Boston Fire Department hand me down.

The firefighters are being forced to work mandatory  overtime as our ranks have depleted due to failure to process a training academy to fill vacancies and the most unbelievable  of all – we have zero command staff. No Chief. No Assistant Chief. No Safety Chief. No EMS Chief. No Chiefs at all at headquarters. No leadership, no nothing but politically appointed retired State Police staff.

It’s an absolute disgrace.

Tom Kenney explains it better here;


  • Tom Kenney says:

    Thanks for the share, Mike.

  • Roland Sprewell says:

    Get the IAFF involved! Is there an established union that is political enough to get people voted on the council? Sheesh!! Maaaan, we wish the best for you all!

  • Mike Latessa says:

    On behalf of the 4 generations of Latessa’s who were and are Providence residents, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for keeping them safe. We love and respect each and every one of you.

    – Mike Latessa currently of Washington, DC
    Retired Public Safety professional

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