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The Go To Sleep Checklist

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The EMS “Go the F— To Sleep” checklist To make your self-assessment or your partner assessment go a little more smoothly, I have compiled the following checklist to know when it is time for lights out. 10. The last three patients have the same vital signs: BP 120/80, HR 80, Resp. 18. 9. You can’t […]

It’s EMS

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Hmm, if I were to have a heart attack, who would I want more, a firefighter  or a Paramedic? How about this; just send whoever gets here with the defibrillator fastest! Sheesh,  it’s EMS, not heart surgery.    

Firefighters? Yeah, we’re firefighters. And a whole lot more

Entry Img …Firefighters? Yeah, we’re firefighters. And a whole lot more. I guess diggers, confined space rescuers, CPR on dead baby performers, body part recoverers, hanging brother cutter-downers and the million and one other things we do when nobody else knows what to do doesn’t fit on our helmet shields. Why am I writing this now? […]

Narcan at work

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Eyes closed, barely breathing, track marks up his arms. Family stands by, nervously laughing, trying to act nonchalant. Face purple now as a needle of a different sort enters his arm. Glass vial shines, reflected light from the overhead. Underwear soaked, ice cubes roll around the floor, picking up pubic hair when they near the […]

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