Save the Alligator

19846603-The-green-smiling-crocodile-lies-in-a-bathtub-and-holds-a-toothbrush-and-a-tube-with-a-toothpaste--Stock-VectorWe see lots of strange things, but a four foot alligator in the bathtub of a burning house sure gets your attention!

Providence firefighters saved the alligator, some snakes and the house. Eight of them were injured during the fight. It happens when the people we work for go out of their way to hurt us. Working hurt comes with being a firefighter, working hurt when the people we work for are hell bent on dismantling what was one of the best fire departments in the country doesn’t happen.

When politicians flex their muscle, break contracts, force overtime, decimate the chief’s ranks and act as if everything is fine and dandy morale is destroyed, people get hurt and nobody on the front lines is willing to take one for the team.

After the battle when the smoke has cleared, and the damage done to the body is when we assess our willingness to get back at it. Those sprains, cuts and smashed fingers, the burned ears, the twisted knees and bruises hurt a lot more when you know that nobody cares.

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