Lessons learned while moonlighting



The best tip I ever received never made it into my pocket, but it was deeply imbedded into my head, and my heart. Nobody told me, they showed me. Actions speak louder than words. There are no winners or losers in this life, just people doing the best they can in whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Nothing good comes easy. It’s not the situation, it’s the way we respond to the situation that matters. How we respond is entirely up to us.

We can think the world and people in it are ugly, unfair and useless, or we can think the world we inhabit is beautiful, harmonious and full of opportunity. How we make our way in this existence is completely, 100% up to us, and nobody but us.

We are all part of the human race; some days we seem to be winners, only to find ourselves behind the pack the next. One day I was serving people, the next I was saving them. But the greatest lesson I learned was that even though I was in a different position, and a little closer to the head of the pack, I was still serving them, all of them: the homeless, the drunks, the bartenders, the executives and the politicians. And I liked it. And I treated them all the same way I liked to be treated: with dignity.

And by doing so, I found self-respect and job satisfaction that endured two-plus decades.

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