Speak your mind, not your heart

You can say whatever you want on social media, it’s how you say it that matters. There is no need to get fired supporting or not supporting the protest of the day.

I love all people, black people included, until they do something to change how I feel about them, but I do not agree with, support or acknowledge the validity of Black Lives Matter. There, I said it. Highly unlikely I’ll lose my job over it, and if I do I’ll have a heck of a case.

Freedom of speech does not give us the right to threaten bodily harm. That is grounds for dismissal. We can voice our opinions



all day long as long as nobody is threatened by our words. Stating our hatred for a cause, a group or a person isn’t very bright and just might be grounds for dismissal from a public service position, and rightly so.

Just because we are EMT’s and Firefighters does not mean we can’t join in on heated debates on social media however. We are in a unique position to



see all sides of many societal problems, and our voices should not be silenced. Losing our jobs because we add to the dialog is absurd, illegal and absolutely something that can be avoided.

Think before you post, but by all means keep on posting if you feel you must. We are smarter than those who claim silence is preferable to speaking out against things being shouted out. We cannot allow the loudest voices, which often have nothing to lose behind them be the only ones heard.

I used to wonder how the Nazi’s, ISIS and the movements of the moment managed to rise to power. I don’t wonder anymore, it’s blatanly obvious; voices of reason were silenced while hysteria was allowed free reign.

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