Document, Document, Document!

One of the smartest things I did while running 911 calls was to write down the things I thought were worthy of sharing. A lot of those things were not what most people thought worthy, I focused on the stories that seldom get told figuring the dramatic stuff would be told by somebody else. It was the daily grind, and how I managed to get through it that I wrote about. Sometimes the stories were as uninteresting in print as they were in reality, but more often than not I would find meaning in what seemed meaningless at first. By thinking about the interactions I had with people I never would have met if not for the job I was able to capture far more than had I simply moved on to the next call.

I didn’t know it while I was doing it, but those years, and the experiences that came along were truly remarkable. The people I met, the things I saw and the assistance I was able to provide was an opportunity few will know. I read through these posts now and again and the memories come flooding back. I remember the people mostly, and how they live, and sometimes how they died. Looking back, it was a wild ride, even though while I was doing it it seemed rather monotonous.

Somebody, I think it was a former EMS Chief once told me, “if it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen.” I was probably trying to talk my way out of one situation or another, and he was letting me know that all the spoken words add up to a pile of nothing when being accused of something.

“Document, document, document!” was his mantra. I never did listen to him while on the streets, my reports were famously short-winded. The things that I did manage to document ended up as this blog, and eventually became my forth book, City Life.

My next one, also born from the pages of this blog is coming in 2017. City Life Too was amazing to write, had I not taken the time to write it as it was happening it never would have been told, and all the emotion, thrills and drudgery would have been lost forever, and that would have been a shame.

So, if you are on the streets, take a minute to write down what is happening, you will never regret doing so,


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