Captain Michael Morse, PFD (ret.) officially

Well, it’s all over, nothing but memories now, and those are fading fast.


1991 Division of Training

The 42nd, January, 1992

1992 Special Hazards (fill in for injured member)

1992 Ladder 7

1993 Engine 2

1998 Engine 7

2000 Ladder 4

2001 Engine 9

2002 Rescue 1

2002 Rescue 1, Lieutenant

2012 Rescue 5, Captain

2016 Retired


August 5, 1991, seems like yesterday some days, a lifetime others. It was a heck of a ride, but all things come to an end, and my career as a Providence Firefighter ended this morning at 1045 hrs when the City Pension Board voted unanimously to grant me a disability pension due to a series of back injures beginning in 2003. Not the way I wanted to go, but I just couldn’t stay.

Twenty five years, gone in a blink. Thank god I wrote so much of what happened down, it all seems like a blur already.


  • Logan Crooks says:

    Thank you for your service sir. I’m applying to West Point and I ride on Rescue 2 to get inoculated to the stress of my future profession and I’ve heard how sharp your skills were when you were on Rescue.

  • Ret.PPD Jack Murray says:

    Mike I read bits and pieces of your book that was on Golocal prov. how does it feel to be savior of the city.That Rookie punk cop that responded to the scene of the hooker robbed that night was doing his job. Its weird how the brotherhood works in my thirty years on the PPD I responded to hundreds of Shootings ,murders and I never saw you. We usually were waiting for out of town rescues to respond while you were taking four hours on a ten minute call. Hey good luck to you I went out the front door I see your a two thirds cellar saver who went out the back.

    • Michael Morse says:

      Wow, hope you feel better now, Jack.

      • Ret.PPD Jack Murray says:

        Sorry,I had to vent with the Rookie punk remark.

        • Michael says:

          He was a real wiseass. I was a real wiseass once or twice during the time I wrote the book, if you read the whole thing you will understand the dynamics of the thirtyeight hour shift, not everybody is at their best, I certainly wasnt.

          • Jack Murray says:

            Enough said,I use to work Homicides be up days at a time. Have a good retirement hope the pension system survives.

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