Firehouse Rules

There needs to be rules in the firehouse or all is lost. Take for example my favorite concerning leftovers;

“If it’s not labeled, it’s fair game, eat it all. If it’s labeled, only eat a little.”

or my second favorite;

“If there’s a lot, take a lot. If there’s a little, take it all.”




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  • EMS Artifact says:

    Since most of my teaching is with fire departments these days, I’ve learned a lot about firehouse culture.

    Unlike when I worked in Sorta Big City, the smaller FDs I work with these days are very open to outsiders.

    By which I mean I’ve been invited to eat and they wouldn’t allow me pay.

    One other thing I’ve noticed, more in line with your subject, is that more than one department has a refrigerator for each group. With padlocks.

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