Witnessing the fall of civilization


behind barsThey argue, and drink, do whatever drugs they can come up with, seldom leave their self-imposed prison, content to stay inside, shoot some dope, drink some vodka, make a baby or two  and throw them out the window when they get in the way of business as usual.

Inside the barricades and facades of normal looking houses lives of quiet desperation are lived, hidden from the scrutiny of civilization. In these tiny kingdoms there is no freedom, no human rights, no courts, social workers or police. It’s an every man for himself environment where only the strong survive.

Or not.


Helpless, frustrated, angry and abused,

Trapped in a world filled with people

who look like us, breathe like us, move like us

but act like animals.

It’s all we can do

to keep our impulses in check

our clenched fists by our sides

our words left in our heads

as we watch another generation

lose grip,

lose hope

lose humanity

and disappear.





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