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The moments that matter most

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The radio cracked to life. “Baxter Street Command to Rescue 1.” I keyed the mic. “Rescue 1, go ahead.” “I need a count.” “One adult, five children in Rescue 1, six adults and five more kids outside.” Those standing outside of the impromptu shelter shivered but managed to look cool doing it. They were teenagers […]

Permanent solution to a temporary problem

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 It’s Sunday, 1230 hours, and we’re dispatched to a home on Wickenden Street for an emotional female. We arrive on scene to find a female crying on the front stairs. She points to a door. It leads to a basement. At the bottom of the stairs, next to the washer and dryer, is a boy […]

EMS; It’s a Love/Hate thing

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The Top 10 Things I love AND Hate about EMS   Ask any medic about his job and you will hear how much they love it, shortly followed by how much they hate it. Depending on the day, or the hour, or even the minute you may hear how much they hate it before they […]

Bringing a stretcher to a gun fight

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Somebody needs to die. Will it be you? Will it be me? One of us needs to take one for the team. Any volunteers? Talk of medics hiding while people dying leads to one thing… Medics dying. So, who’s it gonna be, You, or me. Truth is, EMS couldn’t organise a barbeque. Pushing for […]

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