Its just a show, good TV, entertaining for some, devastating for me. A little kid is walking to school, blood splattered on his clothes; his mothers, his father had killed her.

One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three…

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Just like that, I was there, ten , fifteen, jeez was it twenty years ago?

Three little girls sitting on a couch in their living room, two in the morning, stunned expressions, their father, dazed, catatonic, standing over the girls mother, hole in her head from the bullet he just put in her, dead.

I wish it would end. Too many memories. Can’t even watch TV.


  • Cati says:


    Been there done that. Worked a similiar scene. Talk about being messed up for awhile. Crisis intervention was called in.

  • Patrick Sheen says:

    Same reason I get so cranked up by babies left in cars . Can’t unsee a dying baby , take deep breath , exhale and be at peace .

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