Chapter 23, Rescue 1 Responding

41zhJOUxjqL._UY250_GoLocalProv continues with Rescue 1, Responding, publishing Chapter 23 today…

The book is available at local bookstores and can be found HERE.

Note from the Author

This chapter brings Rescue Co. 1 and Engine Co. 13 to the home of a person suffering from a diabetic emergency. This is the meat and potatoes of EMS. Diabetics, dialysis, cancer, stroke, MS…the list is lengthy. People live their lives in relative obscurity behind the doors of the homes we pass thousands of times during our careers. It is truly an honor to be invited into those homes in the middle of the night and bring with us the things they need to get back on their feet, or to bring them to the place where they can get the medical treatment they need. People trust us, and I’ve never forgotten just how important that trust is. It isn’t me, or my partner that has earned that trust, or the firefighters that accompany us; it is the generations that have come before us, and delivered. Knowing that what we do now will pave the way for the future medics and firefighters, and continue the level of trust that the public has in us gives each and every 911 call a timelessness that should never be forgotten. 

As much as I fool myself into believing that I am the center of the universe, “the job” never lets me forget that I am a small, but vital part in something far bigger. In case you hadn’t noticed yet, and the books are nearly through, I love the fire service, loved being a firefighter and EMT, and am well aware of exactly how fortunate I am to have been able to make a difference in the lives of people whom I had previously never met, and the people who will be responding to their emergencies long after I am gone.

Thanks as always for reading, there’s only a few chapters left!

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