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On Second Thought…

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Thirty minutes on scene for EMS crews doing resuscitation of a cardiac arrest victim seemed preposterous to me so I wrote a small post declaring the new rule “nuts.” I forgot that the EMS system where I worked (Providence Fire Department) for 25 years is actually what is “nuts.” Thanks to BH (even though he […]

30 minutes on scene

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I,120717 RI Department of Health enforces 30 minute on scene resuscitation. Considering Providence transports average under five minutes, and the public we serve are not the kindest bunch, and heavily armed to boot, I think I would have to break the rules. Defibrillate, CPR, IV and roll, more or less, run the rest of the […]

Innocence Lost

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Beautiful brown eyes. Heavy lids, struggling to stay open, too terrified to close. Bags under those big brown eyes and heavy lids, ugly, puffy, black and blue bags. The kind of eyes that haven’t rested in days, weeks, or years. Old eyes. Eyes that have seen too much. Wary eyes. Accusing, contemptuous. Hateful. She clung […]

Partners are a colorful bunch

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During my time as a Rescue Officer in Providence I worked with female partners, Hispanic partners, a Jewish Partner, a black partner, an Irish partner, and an Asian partner. Each and every one of them did the job and did it well. Some had strengths in one place; others were strong in other places.  We […]

I Hate Heroin

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Not Who You Think He was funny, larger than life, a decent guy, and a good firefighter. We knew he was a little off, but accepted him and enjoyed his unpredictability. Sometimes he simply forgot to come to work, and we covered for him; one of us would stay late, another come in early, and […]

Getting out before it’s too late

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I ran into an old friend from the ER while I was at the supermarket. Five years have passed since I saw her, she looked ten years younger now. She’s still a nurse, only no longer in the ER, oncology her calling now. She is happy. Its amazing what time away from the nuthouse we […]

The kids in the window

Entry Img I can see a bunch of bald kids looking out of their hospital windows as the people on the outside flash their lights, sending a message, tellling them that they are not forgotten. Well done, people, more times than not I’m proud to be part of the human race.  

Holding On

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“When Jorge Elorza took office as mayor in 2015, the City of Providence had 440 firefighters, a fire chief, 10 non-union middle management personnel, and labor harmony. Since then, the fire department has dwindled to 340 eligible personnel. Nearly 40 firefighters are out of work with injuries or are physically unable to perform their full […]

Public Safety’s Five Stages

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The five stages of mourning and grief are universal and are experienced by people from all walks of life. The five widely accepted stages are, in order: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The mind processes grief very much the same way it processes the five stages of a career in Public Safety, only ass […]

The elves are busy

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Santa’s elves were up late last night, cutting, chopping, and filling little bags with the magic powder the people crave. Christmas magic is alive for every man woman and child; a needle and a spoon, a flickering candle’s heat, penetrating, mixing with blood once lifeless, now alive with pleasure and warmth. Loneliness recedes as her […]

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