Holding On

“When Jorge Elorza took office as mayor in 2015, the City of Providence had 440 firefighters, a fire chief, 10 non-union middle management personnel, and labor harmony. Since then, the fire department has dwindled to 340 eligible personnel. Nearly 40 firefighters are out of work with injuries or are physically unable to perform their full duties, there are no remaining non-union middle management positions, and the department has been without a chief for 17 months and counting.”



They say we lack leadership. They say we have more than enough time off. They say we cost too much.

They say a lot of things.

They know that firefighters are a different kind of employee.

They know that when the bell tips, we respond.

They know we show up, even when nobody is in charge.

They use what they know against us.

They exploit all that is good about humanity.

They do it because they know they can.

2017 is right around the corner. Providence Firefighters will continue to work six day weeks.

The fires will come, the citizens will call, the beat will go on, families will suffer, nobody will notice.

Until it all falls apart.

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