30 minutes on scene


RI Department of Health enforces 30 minute on scene resuscitation.

Considering Providence transports average under five minutes, and the public we serve are not the kindest bunch, and heavily armed to boot, I think I would have to break the rules.

Defibrillate, CPR, IV and roll, more or less, run the rest of the code enroute. Mandating time on scene is an insult to EMS. No two scenes are alike, no two patients are the same.






  • BH says:

    The only thing wrong with this protocol is that there’s no procedure for terminting an asysyolic or PEA arrest after the 30 minutes is up. Like real EMS systems do every day.

  • Shane says:

    This procedure is exactly how codes should be ran. Loss of patient viability multiplies 10 fold with patients worked on the scene. Moving patients receive poor or no compressions inadequate ventilation. Following these guidelines would save lives .

    • Rescuing Providence says:

      You may be right. In my experience with cardiac arrest 15 minutes on scene is more than enough.. You have to transport eventually, leave it up to the medic to decide when.

      • BH says:

        You have to transport eventually, leave it up to the medic to decide when.

        No, you don’t. There’s no magical Resuscitation Fairy at the ED that will make everything better. They’re not doing much more in the ED we don’t already do, especially at the Paramedic level. Leaving it up to the provider will just lead to “Fuck this, I haven’t had lunch yet.” Systems with far better educated providers than Providence have been following these guidelines for years. Hopefully, the next step after this is adding CCR and field termination.

        (Yes, I’m aware Providence doesn’t have that many medics, as you pointed out in the Facebook comment thread. Perhaps some day Providence’s powers that be will realize that, short transports or not, their citizens deserve the highest level of pre-hospital care available.)

  • gerry larrivee says:

    Great idea if we can draw the sheet when we’re done. The cops who have to remain w the body won’t like it.

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