Making home better

I always had an affection for the illegal immigrants that I transported to area emergency rooms during my decades long run as a firefighter/EMT in the Sanctuary City of Providence, RI. I couldn’t help respect the courage, perseverance and grit that these people showed. The way I figured, if I were in their shoes, and a better life for me and my family existed across the border I would do whatever it took to take care of my people the best I could.

I blamed our government for allowing people to be here illegally, and our businesses for exploiting the cheap labor that resulted. I never blamed the people for abusing 911 or our health care system. Any of us would do the same had luck of place of birth not been kind.

Fixing this mess will not be pretty, but fix it we must. If escape from their home country is the best option these desperate people have, perhaps making those homes better will be the result.

One way to find out; build the wall, and close sanctuary cities.

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