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When homeless is better than home

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It took a while to spot her, she blended in with the litter covering most of the empty lot. I’ve learned to look closely when called to this address. With nowhere else to go a lot of homeless people gather here. A couple of old chairs sat empty around a lonely tree, used condoms, discarded […]


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I asked my friend, Greg Friese if he would consider writing the foreword for my book, City Life. I know that he enjoys my writing, so it was a fairly safe bet that he would agree. His words reminded me why I started writing about life responding to other people’s emergencies. Thank you, Greg, I […]

Top 10 reasons to write a Fire/EMS book

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10. If you are like me, by the time you finish you will probably have learned how to write one 9.  It looks cool on your bookshelf 8. They make thoughtful gifts when you forget to buy a gift 7.  People think you’re smart 6.  You can wear a smoking jacket and drink brandy from […]

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