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The Old Man

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Alone with his thoughts most of the time, he sits in his room and doesn’t make much of a fuss. The staff lets him be, figures he is content. There are plenty of other patients to care for in the nursing home, ladies mostly, older men are the minority. He gets visitors, not often, but […]

Coping with sudden death

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I work on an ambulance where lives are lost every day. Some die peacefully, some from purposeful acts of violence and some from simple bad luck. Here are a few things I’ve learned by being present at the end. 1. The shock from the finality of sudden death is overwhelming, but those feelings are not […]


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Wow, I have got to be the biggest dope ever born. Ever since the presidential primaries I’ve engaged people I do not know, barely know and know quite well in what I believed to be constructive debate concerning the future of our country. The conversation disintegrates every time. I thought it was the other people’s […]


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Active shooter Heroin overdose Armed firefighters Mass Casulty SWAT Medics These topics dominate EMS discussion on social media and EMS publications. Everybody wants to be something they ain’t. EMS is 99.9% taking care of sick, nice people. If you are looking for danger and excitement look somewere else, it is seldom here. The crashes and […]

From the Captain’s seat to the stretcher; it’s not that far

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“Rescue 5 and Engine 3, respond to Dorrance at Westminster for an MVC, public bus involved.” “Rescue 5, responding.” Great. A mass-casualty incident to end the shift. How do I know a mass-casualty waits? Just you wait and see. In the 24 hours I’ve been in charge of an advanced life support vehicle in the […]

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