Have a Memorable Memorial Day

Some Gave All


Please don’t wish me. “Happy Memorial Day.”

Have a “Memorable Memorial Day” is much more appropriate.

Remember to toast those that have preserved our freedom this Memorial Day Weekend;
The Greatest Generation, the generations that preceded them and just as importantly,
our generation.

Seems like we have been at war, declared or otherwise since September 11, 2001.
When one American soldier dies during any number of overseas operations that we seldom hear of, to that soldier and those close to him, this neverending war becomes just as deadly as any in our history.

Because we have the luxury of leading our lives without a daily reminder of the sacrifice our soldiers endure right now, this very instant in some lonely, war ravaged part of the world does not mean that good people are not dying.

For us.

Remember the families that anxiously await their loved ones return, remember the families that will wait forever.

I’m proud to be an American, proud of my country, our military and everybody who works toward making this the greatest and most productive civilization in history.

Celebrate Memorial Day.

Have a cookout
Go to the beach
Enjoy your lives, spend time with friends and family, drink, laugh and relax.

Feel the thunder and beauty of fireworks here at home.

It is an insult to those who have fought and died preserving our freedom to waste it.

Enjoy, we’ve earned it, but be aware that some have earned it more than others, and far too many have given everything.

Remember to keep a place in your heart for those who are not here to enjoy it with us.
And the generations of missing soldiers who preceded us.

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