Paramedic drinks the blood of his patients while searching for eternal life!

My job, as a writer of articles for the internet audience is to get you to click on the link to the story I wrote. The best way to accomplish this task is by “baiting” potential readers. Headlines that don’t deliver on their promise are epidemic, leaving the reader feeling tricked and angry. But they return to the same sites over and over, blindly expecting a reward for their time.

Research shows that the pleasure sensors in our brains emit dopamine and serotonin when the THOUGHT of a positive experience waits, not necessarily during the experience.

I have done some research of my own, and know for a fact that quality content is always preferable to attention grabbing headlines, but getting a reader to engage in the quality content takes some trickery. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there will be no blood sucking paramedics in this article, but read on if you dare, you will get a chuckle, and might even laugh out loud.


Top 10 First Responder Clickbait Headlines


The crazy things we say when we’re seconds from death!

Wait till you see what the cops uncovered!

Is he dead, or just faking?

Naked man drives ambulance-you won’t believe where!

7 near death rescues you will not believe!

Fire Station meals exposed, you may never eat again!

Sex on duty? You bet!

Top 9 Shocking Ambulance confessions!

Pregnant? Wait till you see what was inside her!

Intoxicated or possessed? How to survive either demon!


If you have fallen for the click-bait trap, don’t despair, there are not many among us strong enough to pass up something that we hope really will shock, titillate or amuse us. I guess it’s just the way it is, no sense fighting it, may as well enjoy the ride, wherever it takes us.

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