Anchor Baby

My book, City Life is a collection of short stories that are a perfect summer, beach read. Here’s one from the book;


Body language, facial expressions, a few common words spoken are usually enough. So young, I thought, holding my index finger and thumb as if holding a card.

She reached into her purse and produced an ID. It was a Guatemalan Embassy card.

The language barrier was easily overcome, the worlds that separated us impossible to breach. Even if I knew how to say it I wouldn’t give her the same speech saved for my own child. She smiled radiantly and looked at me as I filled out the report.

Any wisdom I had to share with her I kept to myself. What to one child is a bad decision is a lifesaver to another. If this were my daughter I would tell her she had the rest of her life ahead of her, friends, dates, proms, graduation, college, career and a world to conquer.

I smiled back at the fifteen year old girl sitting across from me. Her future grew inside of her, thirty-seven weeks along. Anchor babies some people call them.

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