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Pure Kindness

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Some of the most satisfying moments that I experienced while a member of the Providence (R.I.) Fire Department were the times that I spent connecting with kids on calls. Seeing their eyes light up when we arrived on scene, witnessing their fear transform to trust as the call progressed, holding them, carrying them and saving them […]

Anchor Baby

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My book, City Life is a collection of short stories that are a perfect summer, beach read. Here’s one from the book; Fifteen Body language, facial expressions, a few common words spoken are usually enough. So young, I thought, holding my index finger and thumb as if holding a card. She reached into her purse […]

June is PTSD Awareness Month

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I wrote this when I was nearing twenty. I made it twenty-five, but didn’t do much the last few years. I’m much better now…June is PTSD awareness month. By Michael Morse Twenty years ago I thought I would do this job forever. I had a dream: work until I was 60 and they threw me […]

EMS and Hunger

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“Rescue 1, Respond with Engine 12 to 167 Smith Street for a person choking.” “Rescue 1, Responding.” “Excellent,” I said to John, my partner for the day. He looked me out of the corner of his eye, pressed the button for the lights and flipped the switch that turned on the sirens. “It’s perfect,” he […]

Paramedic drinks the blood of his patients while searching for eternal life!

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My job, as a writer of articles for the internet audience is to get you to click on the link to the story I wrote. The best way to accomplish this task is by “baiting” potential readers. Headlines that don’t deliver on their promise are epidemic, leaving the reader feeling tricked and angry. But they […]

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