Meaning and Purpose

I wrote this for the medics and EMT’s out there who find themselves in a rut. Trust me, it’s not all for nothing…

There comes a time when you have already done more than you are going to do, and when that time comes for you, I hope that you can look back and remember how good it was, and how it felt, and the difference that was made in countless lives because you were there.

There’s a certain kind of magic that happens when one person is responsible for the care of another, and the person hurting is comforted by the person healing, and the two bond as only people in those circustances can.

Of all the health care professionals that practice medicine, I think EMS personell do far more with their training and education than the rest. Nobody in the chain of treating sudden illness or accident victims does more with less. We do not have the luxury of support staff, or somebody watching over us who knows more; for the time spent on scene and during transport there is only us, the patient, and for me, a higher power who keeps me calm, and lets what I do know flow, and keep the poor soul dying on my stretcher breathing for a little while longer than he would have without me.

It’s heady stuff when I stop and think about it, and now that I have more time behind me than ahead, I have a lot of time to think about it. The best part of looking back is all the frustration, sadness, and pain dissipates like morning mist when the sun breaks through, and the memories, without fail remind me that because of what I did, my life had meaning, and purpose.

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