Disability Vetoed

A firefighter begins a career in peak physical shape, tested, poked, and vetted, then trains relentlessly until fit for firefighting duty.

Sometimes, during a career that includes enormous physical and/or mental stress heart conditions arise, stroke happens, heart attacks occur and firefighters die or are disabled by the condition that was caused, all or in large part by on the job conditions.

Most firefighters are required to retire before age 60. It the ticker gives out after that, they are on their own. If it gives in before retirement, The RI General Assemble passed a bill that allows retirement boards to presume the condition was on the job, and worthy of a disability pension, the same as if the firefighter was injured in a traumatic event.

Our Governor, a Democrat, decided firefighters are not worth the benefit of the doubt and vetoed the bill.

Gov. Raimondo vetoes firefighter disability bill

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