Time to stop talking and listen

I was fortunate. I worked side by side with black firefighters, trusted them with my life, and they trusted me with theirs. I never discriminated when somebody needed us, didn’t matter to me if they were white or black, or anything in between. Didn’t matter to the black guys and girls who wore the same uniform either.


All this NFL flag waving, anthem sitting protesting is further dividing people who think the “other” side doesn’t understand.

Nobody will understand anything until we put our egos aside, realize that when push comes to shove we WILL come together and get the job – whatever job it is, done.

If I can’t try and understand that the people I worked with, lived with, saved lives with and was willing to die with believe that racial discrimination exists on a larger scale than I imagined, how can I ever expect them to listen to what I believe to be true?

Maybe it’s time to listen, learn, open ourselves to the possibility that somewhere between the extremes truth exists. and pursue that truth, right what is wrong and get on with things.

Denial is useless, on both sides.

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