A Firefighters Outrage is a little different

Am I outraged by Donald Trump?




The Clintons?

Hell no.

A bunch of football players taking a knee?

Far from it.

The number of Me Too’s on my Facebook feed?

Not surprised or outraged.

I save my outrage for the kids I’ve seen burned with cigarettes, raped by their babysitters, women beaten, tied to chairs, murdered by husbands, teens shot to death by other teens who live on their streets, newborns stuffed in trash bags and hidden under a bed, middle aged men with self inflicted bullets in their heads, mangled dead bodies in demolished cars, killed by drunk drivers, cold white skin on cold dead addicts with needles still in their arms, drunken men pissing on park benches where little old ladies sit to rest…

Outraged by people in the news or other people who claim to be outraged over the outrage of the day?


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