5 Star Review

5 Star Amazon review for my new book, Rescue 911. Thank you Jackmac!

This is a collection of stories from retired Providence, R.I. Fire Dept. Capt. Michael Morse. Morse served as an EMT/Firefighter before retiring in 2013. This is a great collection that brings to light the stressful and sometimes comic calls he has responded to and that fellow first responders in urban settings commonly do.

Morse is a talented author and his descriptions of different situations will move you. In particular his comments on his own Father and the struggles of his Wife Medical issues. Morse gives voice to the frustrations of EMT’s when he states ” I operate as if I’m part social services agency, part homeless advocate, rolling medicine cabinet, part taxi and occasional emergency medical technician.” (p.137). He engages in all of those roles in this entertaining and enlightening book. If you are a first responder you will identify and enjoy this book, if you are not you will have a new perspective of emergency medicine on the streets and those who call for it and those who perform it.


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