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Rescue 911 released

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Available today! The stories in my new book were written either in the cab of Rescue Co. 1, an Advanced Life Support ambulance with the Providence, RI Fire Department, or in my little office at the Allen’s Avenue firehouse where Rescue 1 was quartered with Engine Co. 13.

Scoop and run?

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He’s having a heart attack, so he had his wife drive him to the ER. He’s forty-eight, no history, but smokes like a fiend and has a drink or three every day. He’s pushing 300 pounds, and “knew this day was coming.” They made it to the hospital parking garage where he could go no […]


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Saturday morning, 10:00. Twelve calls last night, two so far today. Ten yesterday. Seven hours to go. An overdose, heart attack, numerous drunks, a fall or two and a guy who smashed himself in the head with an ax three times before stabbing himself with a key hole saw and slashing his wrists with a […]

Respect heals; Contempt kills

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Once the patient becomes the focus of contempt, it’s time to go. You cannot view anybody under your care with contempt. Can’t be done. Once that line is crossed, your career as an EMT, Paramedic, Nurse, PA, Doctor or surgeon is over. O-V-E-R.   Ridicule is a form of contempt, but still acceptable under some circumstances.

Holding it together

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I’m watching the news, and there it is, again and again: Firefighters, medics, and police putting shattered bodies and psyches of the people who survived the killings back together. Las Vegas, Manchester, Orlando, London, San Bernardino, Paris, New York, Germany . . . The people who survive the attacks live through the most horrific moments […]

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