Books by Michael Morse, PFD (ret.)

If ever you wondered what it is like to be a first responder these are books written by one giving the reader a front seat view of that world. If you are a first responder and would like others to know a little about what you do when you are at work these books tell our story truthfully.

This is a collection of stories from retired Providence, R.I. Fire Dept. Capt. Michael Morse. Morse served as an EMT/Firefighter before retiring in 2013. This is a great collection that brings to light the stressful and sometimes comic calls he has responded to and that fellow first responders in urban settings commonly do. Morse is a talented author and his descriptions of different situations will move you. In particular his comments on his own Father and the struggles of his Wife Medical issues. Morse gives voice to the frustrations of EMT’s when he states ” I operate as if I’m part social services agency, part homeless advocate, rolling medicine cabinet, part taxi and occasional emergency medical technician.” (p.137). He engages in all of those roles in this entertaining and enlightening book. If you are a first responder you will identify and enjoy this book, if you are not you will have a new perspective of emergency medicine on the streets and those who call for it and those who perform it. Recommended. Review by Jackmack

City Life

Great writing. I live approximate 10 miles north of Providence and as a “local” I was very interested in the subject matter. Through the stories shared in City Life I learned a great deal about the challenges that our EMTs and Firefighters face and how much they are impacted by society’s ills as they go about saving us from ourselves. Should be required reading in high schools, colleges and most importantly in the US Congress and Senate.


Review by Amazon Customer


Mr. Wilson Makes it Home

Mr. Wilson is the second dog I have known with the moniker, Mr. Wilson. Since I am a fan of unique dog names my fondness of this book was predetermined.

I am also a long-time reader of Michael Morse’s articles and other books about his long career as an EMS captain for the Providence Fire Department. I also consider myself fortunate to become a friend of Michael’s…turning my fan crush into a friendship.

Mr. Wilson Makes it Home is a significant departure from Michael’s previous books. Michael is pushed aside as the primary character by a small charismatic fur ball from the deep south that makes the long journey as a rescued dog to Rhode Island. Throughout the process to adopt Mr. Wilson, acclimate him to a new home, and then become enamored by the charms of a lap dog Michael reflects on the personal and family toll of his career as an EMT and firefighter in a urban and over-burdened EMS system.


Review by G. Friese


Rescue 1 Responding

I’ve read this book, along with Rescuing Providence, and have followed the author’s blog for a couple of years. This book is an interesting, fast-paced, honest look at running an ambulance in Providence. It’s a good mix of mostly emergency call stories, peppered with personal backstory and interactions. The story arc of the 38-hour shift keeps things moving in one overall direction, but I also enjoyed the stream-of-consciousness spin offs as it progressed.

The author is candid, and opens up to anyone who cares to see what goes on behind the scenes of an ambulance call — the good and the bad.


Review by Dan


Rescuing Providence

From an EMT student and firefighters view this is an amazing book. Beautifully written and a page turner. You won’t want to put it down. Absolutely true to life.


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Rescuing Providence and Rescue 1 Responding Special Edition

This is the print version of my first two books.