Police doing their job on Rt. 95 in Providence

The Rhode Island State Police and Providence police were forced to put an end to a volatile situation on a highway bridge yesterday. The driver of a vehicle that led the police on a high speed chase refused to exit his vehicle, the doors were locked and windows darkly  tinted. He attempted to barge his way out of his situation, ramming the car in front of him, backing into the one behind and ramming the one in front before the police opened fire.

The incident happened on an overpass that I have worked on numerous times. A fall from the height of the highway would be fatal. The police were forced to end the situation before innocent people were killed.

The body was not removed from the truck before the chorus chimed in. “Excessive force, gunned down, cold blooded killer” went the rhetoric from the public who were shocked when video of the incident was aired.

It was an ugly job with a terrible outcome, but I commend the officers involved. A truck ramming cars on an overpass is an immediate danger to the public, and had to be stopped. The public that was protected will never see it that way, but that is the way it is.


  • Tom Kenney says:

    The men & women involved never wanted to discharge their weapons but many will say they were all too eager to gun an innocent person down. Fir SD t of all, he wasn’t innocent. They (the police) attempted to give the driver a chance to give up and take himself and his passenger out of harm’s way. He chose to continue to put officer’s lives at risk (as well as those of the public) thereby choosing his own fate.

    • Michael Morse says:

      Thanks Tom, you have worked on that overpass, very dangerous without somebody ramming cars, amazing the news makes no mention of the logistical complications due to the location of the incident.

  • Mike says:

    You are consistently wrong about most things. Us you are mostly right about this.
    The part you exaggerate needlessly is that there was some kind of an outcry against the police. There was none. Stop it.
    We must praise them when appropriate without fueling your brand of persecution anxiety that makes them feel at odds with the people who have graced them with the sacred duty to justly serve us, applying our sanctioned use of force on our behalf.
    And still, our delicate justice requires vigilance. So you should just simmer down.

    • Michael Morse says:

      That is where you are mistaken, I am always right. And the criticism of the police action on Friday in Providence on social media is deafening.

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