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Providence Firefighters stepping up

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It’s not all about the fires that burn. Providence Firefighters making a stand, well done people!   “Modeled on a program developed in Manchester, N.H., Safe Stations makes Providence fire stations places anyone can go without fear of legal trouble to be connected with Providence Center counselors or other treatment 24 hours a day, seven […]

Everybody else’s lights

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Its a lonely time for the cops, firefighters, dispatchers and medics. Our homes and families are miles away, the Christmas lights we spent our days off perfecting shining for everybody but us. The people behind the lights are the reason we find ourselves out in the cold, patroling the streets, answering the bell and keeping […]

Looking for the fire

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I heard sirens last night, off in the distance, not close enough to cause and concern, until they got closer, and closer, and closer… I actually got dressed, left my cozy little home and went searching. Never found the source of all the racket, but I guess I have officially become a Fire Buff. I […]

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