Dan Rinaldi

It was hot, blistering hot, the sun seemed to be inside the earth’s atmosphere, pounding her inhabitants with unrelenting heat.

The A/C unit in Rescue 1 was useless, I was miserable, my partner was miserable, everybody was miserable.

Everybody but Dan Rinaldi.

We pulled our overheated

Dan’s leg after almost being killed while fighting an occupied house fire.

truck onto the ramp at Washington Street, I forget why now, probably to complain to The Chief about something or other, and there he was, Special Hazards 1 on the ramp, half the equipment pulled out of the compartments, saws running. hydraulic tools ready to be tested, and a bucket of soapy water waiting.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Going over the truck,” he responded.

I had just started my 22nd year on the fire department and knew everything. Dan was a year senior to me.

He pulled the cord and started a generator. I looked at the cement in front of him, tucked in my shirt, got back in my truck, hit the mic and said, “Rescue 1 in service.”

Thank you Dan.

Four homes damaged, several injuries reported in Providence fire



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