Some shoot, some respond

Thoughts and prayers for the victims, thanks and respect for the people who respond, like Aaron Feis who died protecting his students. . .

“Terror has no place in the mind and actions of the first responder. We are the antithesis of terror. We are representatives of the potential of humanity–the kindness, compassion, competence, and care that far outshine the hatred, resentment, and cruelty that precipitate our arrival. People need reassurance when the world around them implodes–not only the people who are unfortunate enough to be present during an attack but the millions who feel helpless as the drama unfolds and they become aware of the latest attack as well.”


  • Broeck Oder says:

    Rest in peace, Coach Feis, and thank you for your heroic effort. May your family take pride and thus find solace to assuage their grief.

  • RI Schadenfreude says:

    If the school or Broward School Department hadn’t changed its policy, more lives may have been saved, but Mr. Feis was no longer permitted to carry his sidearm.

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