Misery Schedule has been posted…

Due to the overabundance of

The misery mask

misery in the emergency medical field, of which yours truly is an active participant, I hereby suggest the following schedule of miserableness be implemented:

0800-1000 hrs Firefighters

1000-1200 hrs EMT-Paramedics

1200-1300 hrs Lunch-misery at will

1300- 1500 hrs Nurses

1500-1700 hrs Doctors

1700-1900 hrs Security

1900-2000 hrs Dinner-misery at will

2000-2200 hrs Secrataries

2200-midnight Group misery

Midnight-0800 hrs complete, total, utter misery with brief moments of tolerableness

Please keep substitutions of misery to a minimum as the miserable people struggling through their shifts in a completely overburdened, overwhelmed, over-tired and overworked state depend on a non misery inflicted person to lighten their load.

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