One at a Time

It is always more horrifying when there is a mass casualty, but for the person being killed, only one matters.

I treated a lot of gunshot wounds during my time as a firefighter/EMT. I saw a lot of dead kids. Most were involved in something illegal, many shot themselves, none ever had a chance.

Kids get shot and die more often than I ever imagined. They die one at a time for the most part, below the radar, out of the news and out of the political fray that follows when more than one gets shot.

Kids who get shot and die one at a time seldom get candlight vigils, protests, demands for more gun control, presidential statements, presidential condemnation or even the notice of the president.

There are no scholarship funds in their memory, no Go Fund me pages, no giant memorials, just another dead kid.

There will be no march on Washington for the kids gunned down one at a time, no tearful specials on cable news networks, no endless debates, no conspiracy theories, no nothing but another dead kid.


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