Edgewood Yacht Club


My kids took sailing lessons there. Friends have married there.  I always thought it would be there.

I drive by it every day, most times never looking down the hill. Today I slowed to a crawl, and looked down the hill, and it was gone. And it isn’t coming back. I just thought it would always be there.

So many things are taken away when I’m not looking. So many memories are just that, memories-because the things and people that created those memories are gone. And they are never coming back.

I don’t think things will always be there anymore.

I need to see and appreciate what I have at this very moment, because those things too could be gone in an instant. And they could never come back.


  • Pat Blackman says:

    I know what you mean Michael. This is one of those things that make people sad because it represented so many special moments for so many people. It was a special place and, though I know that it will never be able to be completely replicated, but I have hopes that a new building, maybe not as grand or as beautiful, will welcome people with the same courtesy and hospitality as did the members of the old one. I hope the word goes out to anyone who might have old photographs of the place that copies are needed to make a history of the EYC. It should be a project for all who have good memories and who want to preserve them for others. Another loss in a long list of them. Feeling sad tonight but happy that no firefighters were hurt and that they, under terrible conditions, were able to prevent the spread of the fire to nearby residences. Grueling and nearly impossible circumstances prevailed and yet the firefighters came through again. Bless them all. Keep them safe, God. We truly do need them.

  • There are many things which have a sense of permanence and because of that they become anchors in our lives. The problem is that the sense is permanence is often false, because all physical things are transient in nature. There is a sense of loss when they disappear and I find it disorienting when this happens.

    It can be a building can be there seemingly forever and becomes like an old friend, even if we’ve never actually been inside it. Then it’s gone and it’s like losing an old friend.

    It’s just human nature.

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