Captain D’Ambra

“On September 9th 2018, our lives were changed in a blink of an eye. Our father Captain Vincent John D’Ambra of the Providence, Rhode Island Fire Department was the victim of a horrific motorcycle accident which led to a traumatic spinal cord injury that we are now learning will change our lives forever. He is currently hospitalized in a trauma intensive care unit outside of Boston, Massachusetts and had to have extensive surgery and will probably require many more. He will be in the hospital for a few months and then will have to go live at a rehab facility in Boston which is far away from his home in Rhode Island due to his extensive injuries. He will be at rehab for probably well over a year. He will be forced to retire from his job on the Providence Fire Department where he works as a rescue captain. This will result in a devastating and financial burden for my mother who is an ER nurse. My name is Morgan and I am 16 years old. I have two sisters Charlotte, age 15, and Lucy, age 11, and a brother Vincent, age 8. We live in southern Rhode Island and now have to travel back and forth to Massachusetts daily in order to visit with our dad. Any help big or small would mean so much to my siblings and I. At the present time my mom has had to take an unpaid leave from work to help my dad get through this difficult time. We are so appreciative of everybody’s thoughts, prayers, and support god bless.”

Morgan D’Ambra, age 16


There aren’t many people who last more than a few years as a Rescue Officer in Providence. The Captain of Rescue 1 is one of them. You can’t put a price on experience, no more than you could put a price on this infant.

People get eaten alive on these trucks. Vinny survives somehow, manages to let it all go and keep on doing the job, day after day, year after year. His style may get him in some hot water now and then, but I know one mom whose life, ans the life of her breeched baby he saved who wouldn’t want him any other way. 

Captain D’Ambra was severely injured in a motorcycle accident this week. If you can, any help is greatly appreciated.


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