Top 10 reasons people should act like firefighters

10. When one of them acts like a fool, the rest put a stop to it right quick.

9.They don’t care what color, race, gender, shape or whatever; if you can do the job; you are one of them.

8. If you are unable to do the job, and are in need of assistance they are willing and able to do it for you, every time, without question.

7. They can cook, or they can eat. Some of them can actually do both.

6. Firefighters do housework. Every day. All of them. Together.

5. They know exactly where they are going and how to get there when the bell tips. Every time.

4. They don’t fall apart when they are needed the most.

3. They run toward trouble, not away from it.

2. They fight like family, love like family and treat each other like family.

1. There is no job too difficult, no obstacle too hard to overcome, no living creature unworthy of their best and no excuse for not doing their damndest, every time.

Firefighters when among other firefighters are free to speak their mind, say ridiculous things, be biased, be politically incorrect, get angry, fight, argue, break for lunch; save a life, polish some brass and argue some more. Then get on the truck, work like mad, do nearly impossibe things, trust the person they were fighting with their life, risk their own life to protect each other, put it all back together and finish the shift, only to do it again tomorrow.

Image of a Providence  RI firefighter presenting the urn containing the remains of her daughter to a woman displaced by a multiple alarm fire.


By Michael Morse

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