How to avoid bullying

I am busy developing new curriculum; rather than training and insisting firefighters become kind and sensitive to each other’s needs and emotions, I have devised a system that effectively alleviates bullying.

It’s called Bully Back. 99.9% of the the insults bandied about the fiirehouse are simple ways of communicating that male dominated organizations have effectively used since the first Saber Tooth Tiger hunt.

It isn’t perfect, but it gets the message across.

Learning how to not take the banter personally, use those feelings of inadequacy the insults produce and develop coping strategies such as;

-witty retorts
-clever retaliation
-self improvement
-learning moments

will be covereg in the course material.

The cost is free. To sign up, simply show up for your shift and do something ridiculous, say something offensive, let others do your work, refuse to learn your streets, spend all day on your device and do as little as possible to get through your shift.

Opportunity to Bully Back will be abundant. Better yet, do your job to the best of your ability and watch the alleged harrassment dissapear.

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